We have registered 42 new applicants so far this month and arranged 21 virtual viewings which have resulted in 7 new offers. We have also taken instructions to market 9 new homes.


As expected, the numbers are low, but activity levels have started to increase, especially key workers who need to do something now. It is also a very similar story as far as our letting side of the business.


Are you looking to sell? We can carry out virtual valuations, take your instructions to sell and proactively market your home. We can't carry out viewings, but we can discuss your property with potential buyers and tee up viewings for when the lockdown period is over. Call your local Green & Company office for more information.


Are you looking to buy? Call us; we can still help! Our sales team will register your details and discuss your needs so we can review our properties that match your requirements.


Need mortgage advice? Our financial services team are still available to arrange telephone appointments. Call your local Green & Company office for more information.

Green & Company are one of a few agents still open for business. There are several ways that we can market your property during lockdown without visiting your home. Please call us to find out how we can help you.


Have a great weekend!

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