This week has seen a significant increase in enquiries ranging from market appraisals and viewing requests to mortgage appointment enquiries. Market appraisals enquiries alone increased by 246% and buyers registering increased by 188% compared to the week before.


Rightmove reported (picture attached) year on year change in detail views at the height of the lockdown dipped to minus 33%, but as of this week, activity is now only minus 5% so all in all a very positive week.


The safety of our customers and colleagues is of paramount importance. As our branches re-opened this week, we decided to allow one member of staff to return to an office working from behind closed doors and by appointment only. Supporting them are a team of homeworkers answering incoming calls and conducting appointments. If you would like to visit us, please give us a call, and we will make an appointment for you.


We are delighted that we can re-open our business, but we will proceed with caution. If you need to sell, but you are worried about the safety aspect of it, give us a call to discuss the various options that are open to you. We are here to help.


All the best


The Green and Company team

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