This week has been incredibly busy with record numbers of incoming calls and outstanding activity levels. Sales valuation enquires have also increased, which we hope will bode well for the remainder of the month.


All property types continue to receive a high level of interest, especially properties priced over £400,0000.


Are you thinking of selling but struggling to find somewhere to buy? We can help you. Using software to actively seek out specific property types, we can search the specific area, road, and property type you are looking to buy. We will write to potential sellers and advise them that we have buyers looking for a particular property that matches their home. Please call us for more information if this is of interest to you.


With nearly 30 years of experience matching people and property throughout the local area, we're one of the longest established agents and one of the most prevalent working from well-placed offices within the local communities we serve. Using our 3D virtual tour software, we can safely market your home and guarantee that your home will stand out from the crowd. According to the software providers research, 95% of buyers are more likely to call about a house with a 3D virtual tour. Please call on 0121 296 1400 for more information and to book a free sales valuation.

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