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Dear Paul, I am writing to compliment your team at the Four Oaks branch of Greens. I have sold a few houses with different estate agents and always been left wondering what my fee is spent on and have been left feeling quite underwhelmed by the level of service offered for what is often a very expensive fee. However my experience of selling my home through your team at Four Oaks has been quite different and I have been left feeling that my money is being well spent!! I firstly contacted the branch to talk about putting my home on the market due to upsetting personal circumstances. I spoke to Jane, who I immediately warmed to as she was totally empathetic of my situation. To be honest if I wasn't so sensible about getting more than one valuation etc I could have easily agreed to sell with Greens there and then!! Jane arranged my valuation with Jonathon. From my previous experiences of having property valued I was expecting someone quite pompous and was ready to be patronised. However I couldn't have been more incorrect. Jonathon came to my home and respected that it was a home not just a house and talked me through his thoughts about the valuation, but most importantly he listened to my thoughts too. My little boy was with me and Jonathon talked to me about how to make the viewings easier and trying to book viewings in one block on one day to help me organise my time better being a single working mum! From that point on I spoke to Nina who organised all of my viewings. Nina was friendly and informative about the people coming round and true to their word my viewings were all booked in a way that was convenient to me. At one point I think I spoke to Nina nearly everyday and she was patient and helpful at all times. When there were quite a few viewings booked in within the first week, I expected to have a few time wasters, but every viewing booked was with a genuine purchaser who had accepted an offer or lived in rented accommodation. Many of them were in a hurry to move as they were in a short chain. It was clear to me that the team at Greens had qualified all of the viewings. I got my first offer which was lower than I had hoped, and I expected that I may be advised to consider it, but Jane was very clear with me that there was another buyer and she thought I could get more. So the second offer came in from the buyer Jane mentioned and sure enough it was more. When I called back Jane was not there so I spoke to Beverly who was also lovely and I was then advised by Beverly that there were a couple more second viewings I should take before accepting as she also thought I could achieve more. Sure enough a higher offer came in from the people Beverly said it would! I was really pleased with the offer, but I was more pleased that I felt the team were absolutely working for my fee. Unfortunately the offer fell through as sometimes these things do, but I was assured by Beverley that there would be more viewings and the previous offer could still be there. Sure enough I got more viewings and within a week another really good offer. I am pleased to say that this offer seems to be proceeding well to date, however, should anything go wrong I have every confidence that your team at Four Oaks would be on the case and I wouldn't have to lift a finger. Since accepting the offer on my home the work of your team has not stopped. I have been informed regularly of new property to the market and Nina got straight on the case booking viewings for me. She always called for my feedback and listened carefully and understood what I was looking for to enable her to make other suggestions. Further to this Jonathon arranged a viewing of a property for me before it had gone on the market. It was great too, I really did like it, it was clearly understood what I was looking for I and gave it real consideration..……. but I am sorry to say that I had seen another property with another agent that I have now had an offer accepted on. To be honest I was disappointed I had not found anything on the market with Greens, as by this point I felt a little bit of loyalty and after all they had done all the hard work!! I have also used the solicitors recommended, paid for the contract ready service and they have been great. Very efficient and quick to get things moving. I am now organising my mortgage through one of your financial advisors John Cross, and so far again the service has been great. Not patronising, no hard sales pitch, very informative and returns calls very quickly. I know that selling houses is a business and I fully understand that it is good business to sell a home to someone who sells their home with you, and keeping that circle going keeps the whole business going, I also understand that financial services are a great way of making money and that you are maximising each customer, and that most agencies will employ some if not all of these strategies, but the key difference between other agencies and the team at the Four Oaks branch of Greens is the way your team have put all of that into practice, with warmth and an understanding that people have lives and a story to their sale. They have been incredibly pro active, professional and hard working. This has all made selling my home simpler, easier and pain free!! My last observation would be how well the team at Four Oaks work together. I never had to explain myself when I spoke to someone else as they all knew where my sale was up to and what was happening. Whilst I didn't have any dealings with the branch manager. having worked as a manager of people for a number of years I am sure this doesn't all happen without strong management and leadership. I was going to wait until my sale has completed before writing this email as I don't want to jinx it!! But I feel that even if it does jinx it I am in safe hands. Please pass on my huge thanks to your team at Four Oaks and should I ever need to sell a house again (hopefully not the one I have under offer!!) or have friends or family who do, I shall certainly recommend Greens! Many thanks and kind regards K