In order to make the most of being at home, you may be thinking about the current value of your property and whether you may want to sell later in the year, or what you can do to maximise the value of your home. We are now flexing with the current situation and offering virtual market appraisals. To allow you to plan for a future move and search for the right property, how do we value your property without ever stepping foot inside?

The first solution is simple – online valuation tools. Online valuation tools have become increasingly more popular as their accuracy improves, and as people become more aware that the values are a rough guide rather than a solid appraisal figure. These tools look at land registry data to ascertain the price a property was previously valued at and then use matrices to give you a value at today’s rate. Although the estimates can vary, they do give you an idea of the amount your property could obtain on the open market. Please click on this link to access our valuation tool: http://valuation.green-property.com

The next solution to have your property appraised remotely is more technological – by using video calling applications such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp and others you can walk a member of our valuation team around your home. You will be able to talk to them, and they will also be able to guide you in terms of what they need to see to give you an accurate figure – they can also inform you of where the most valuable improvements could be made to enhance your home.

Finally, if you do not have the technology or the know-how to facilitate a video call, then sending over specific images of your property to us should be sufficient to give you an estimate of your property’s value. We will need pictures of the exterior, including gardens, garages and parking, as well as a photo of each room.


We want to emphasise the fact that during this period you can make plans which will help to facilitate your property aspirations in the future – we are here to help you however we can.


All the best


Green & Company

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