Another hectic week, for this time of year, on the sales front. In total, we registered 113 buyers, arranged 124 viewings and received 49 offers. Many of the sales agreed were properties that we have recently listed, and we need more homes to sell!

A good time to sell?

Yes, even though it's December! Why? Buyer demand since lockdown one has been robust and remains so as buyers clammer to take advantage of the stamp duty savings that are on offer until the 31st March. In November, we registered 708 new potential buyers, most of which are still looking to buy a home. Due to a decline of new instructions to the market since the beginning of November, there is a shortage of properties for sale, which is why we urgently need more properties to sell.

Can we help you?

We offer various sales package, some of which are on a no sale no-charge basis.
We can market your home on a low-profile basis.
We offer virtual tours using camera drones to maximise our marketing which also reduces the number of actual viewings required in these uncertain times.
All our staff work within safe COVID-19 guidelines.

Please call us for more information.

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