This week a study by Rightmove suggested that "94 per cent of buyers and sellers currently in the market are determined to go ahead with their plans after lockdown". They went on to say that "40 per cent of buyers and sellers said they were going forward as planned and 54 per cent said that they had postponed their plans for now, but we're planning to continue after the lockdown ends".


Visits to Rightmove initially dropped 40 per cent as lockdown commenced, but this has been recovering slowly over the past few weeks. This week they are up over 20 per cent when compared with the first few days of lockdown.


Locally we see a similar pattern. General enquires started to increase last week, and that has continued again this week. If we compare last week to the same period a month ago virtual market appraisals booked increased from 1 to 14, applicants registered increased from 24 to 55, Viewings booked increased from 0 to 22 and offers received increased from 1 to 14. This week the same figures have risen again.


Based on these figures, we expect demand to be high post lockdown. With this in mind, we have purchased PPE equipment for our staff and customers. We have written procedures in place, subject to final guidelines from the government, to ensure that all contact between clients and staff follow government guidelines.


If you are thinking of buying or selling, please contact us. We are open and ready to help you now and post lockdown.


Even with the restrictions in place, we hope you enjoy the VE celebrations and have an enjoyable bank holiday weekend.


All the best from the Green and Company team.

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