Given the circumstances, we have had another productive week.

Even though the streets of Sutton Coldfield are tranquil enquires from the property portals, and our website keep coming in. The mood from potential buyers and sellers across our network seems to be one that there is a desire to do something now in readiness for when the lockdown period is over.

It would appear that Estate Agents are on the list to be one of the first businesses to be able to open after the lockdown. The spring market is still moving where it can, and many clients are still looking to sell their home in the coming weeks, meaning there will be plenty of new buyers out in the marketplace. We are currently diarising valuations and viewings ahead in readiness.

We can still help you during the lockdown. Please give us a call, and our home workers will be more than happy to help

Have a great weekend, and stay safe.

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