Traditionally at this time of year, many sellers decide that they will market their home in the New Year, and we understand why a seller would choose to do this in a "normal" year.


2020 has been far from normal, and the traditional ebb and flow of market forces do not apply to this year! Ever since the original lockdown ended buyer activity has been stronger than seller activity, and this has meant that in many cases new properties to the market have sold quickly. Asking prices have been achieved or exceeded.


The timing of the current lockdown has made many sellers delay their decision to sell until next year, but buyers are still looking to buy now. With the announcement of a vaccine, the economy recovering strongly, and the stamp duty exemptions now really is a perfect time to market your home. We believe that all new sellers entering the market in 2020 will benefit significantly from these very unusual set of circumstances.


Our offices remain open for business, and all of our staff comply with the current COVID guidelines. If you are looking to sell or even if you are just thinking of selling and would like some more information, please give us a call. We would be delighted to be able to help you.


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