This week completion numbers increased as buyers and sellers continue to push to ensure that they take advantage of the stamp duty reductions which are due to end in March. The Government is under increasing pressure to extend the deadline, which is scheduled to be debated in parliament on the 1st of February. Will it be extended? We think something will change and if it does it probably won't be announced until early March. In any event, we would recommend anyone looking to complete before the deadline that they assume the deadline date won't change.

If you are aiming to complete before the 31st of March, please bear in my that conveyancers, mortgage lenders and district councils are under a great deal of pressure to meet this deadline. Due to COVID, enforced working practices are slowing transactions down.

Once again, buyer activity remains strong. In total, we registered 832 new potential buyers this month, and many new homes to the market are selling quickly. If you are thinking of selling, please call us on 0121 296 1400. We urgently need more homes to sell.

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