There has been an enormous surge in demand in the Midlands, according to Rightmove. They went on to say that on May the 27th visits to the portal exceeded six million for the first time, which is up 18 per cent on the comparable day of 2019.


So what about the local property market? In the first five days of June, we registered 106 potential buyers, of which 84 of them are in a position to buy now. 83% of those registrations are looking to buy a "house" within a price range of between £200,000 to £450,000.


Buyer demand across the area is strong, and although new instructions to the market have begun to increase again, we urgently need more homes to offer to these registered buyers.


If you are thinking of selling, please give us a call on 0121 296 1400 to discuss the various options that are open to you.


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